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Characters do the darnedest things

I’d never wrtitten a short story before deciding to take the plunge and try to write one for the Valentine’s Day Anthology for PRP.  I’d been told by fellow authors that it could be harder than writing my regular long Historical Romances. So I thought I was prepared to face a challenge. And what a challenge it was. First I was almost 5,000 words over. It was indeed a chore to tighten, shorten, and get it down to less than 60 pages. When HOPES AND DREAMS  formed in my mind, I thought I knew exactly where and how my story would go.



WRONG! I knew I wanted a little girl who had lost her parents. The aunt (as legal guardian) would whisk her away from the clutches of the dastardly grandparents. And I’d have a sheriff who had been deceived by his former wife and now was sworn to uphold the law. How I’d work in something about Valentine’s Day seemed easy as I’d make the two somehow fall in love and bingo. What I didn’t know is as the story evolved, little Tori decided she wanted a new daddy and just about stole the show away from the hero and heroine.

I needed to get back on track. Yes Tori was adorable, she would play a leading role, but lo and behold, I couldn’t have her take the full limelight. It had to be the romance that drove the story.  SO, I had to draw the line and rewrite and finesse parts and parts and parts till I got it–at least I hope I got it–to just the right mix. So my story released just in time for Valentine’s Day and I, yes, I was tickled to be included with all the talented authors in the Anthology.

And as of June 24th, 2015, HOPES AND DREAMS got its own cover and was released as a single title as an ebook for $.99. That’s right. It’s part of the 21 stories in Christmas for July celebration. There’s Christmas stories, mail order brides, Valentine’s Day tales, and so much more, ranging from contemporary to historical to paranormalto westerns, and inspirational. You name it, it’s there. Some of the others had been single releases before or part of different anthologies, and now all are single titles from $.99 to $1.99. You’ll want to take a look at all of them. You’re sure to find one if not many that will delight you. And I am just pleased as punch to share the cover above that Livia did. I asked for Tori to be included and I just love how she did. I hope you agree.

Christmas in July you tube:


Thanks for joining me today. Also if you’re interested and read this before the end tonight, you may want to chat with numerous authors on our Fandango on FB to celebrate the Christmas in July. I lost internet for the past wk. due to a faulty modem but finally got this up today. So I apologize for being late and hope you see this in time. Enjoy. Love to all.


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