Things are hopping!

First of all, let me tell you that you won’t want to miss out on a fabulous deal if you like or love Western Romances, be they historical, contemporary or parnormal–whatever. Ten ebook novels are wrapped up in 2 Boxed sets–yep, that’s right. Five outstanding stories in each set by five very talented Prairie Rose Publications authors. And each set is only $.99. What you ask? Can that be right. You betcha!

Just go to Amazon and order and you’ll be more than delighted not only with the variety of each story, but different slants on writing from the creators. Each story is packed full of fun, intrigue and heartwarming romance. What more could you ask for?

On this Cyber Monday of bargain-hunting, are you ready for one of the best deals of all? TWO BOXED SETS OF WESTERN ROMANCE NOVELS FOR .99 EACH! There are five Prairie Rose Publications novels in each set and they’re available at Amazon NOW. Hurry–they won’t last long–and for .99 per set this is a gift you can’t pass up–for yourself or someone else! These are still there ladies and gents so get on over now.

I apologize for not being able to copy and paste the pictures of each set. I’ve tried 3 times and it ain’t workin’. Blast it all! Yesterday I got the pictures over on different sites, but this blog isn’t allowing it right this minute, that’s for sure. But you’ll be able to pull up the pictures of covers when use the above links. Happy Reading!
 Besides this great deal for all you avid readers, I’d love for you stop over to the Romance Room and say hi to me. Sarah McNeal has graciously hosted me for the week on her blog. I started yesterday Dec. 1st and will be checking for comments on and off all week till Sunday the 7th. You can even win a FREE e book of All For Love if you comment and leave your email address as I’ll be giving a free copy to one of the commenters. So please come on over and join me as I tell you why I write Historicals and get a taste of my Sept. release All For Love. And I always love chatting with friends. Hope you’ll join me with this event. Here’s the link.
Hoping all of you had a glorious and Happy Thanksgiving. I know my husband and I did. We had our son, our daughter in law and two granddaughters from CT join us on Keuka Lake and we had a delightful time with them and a bunch of friends. Ate too much, you ask? Well of course we did. I’m trying desparately to lose a few more pounds and let me tell you, the pies, cookies and gravey didn’t help one bit. But I’m back to trying to behave. Trying I said. Okay, I’ll do better the rest of this week.
So happy reading ya’ll and I’ll be posting again before Christmas in between several booksignings. Oh did I tell you that All For Love has a students’ Christmas pageant and, surprisingly to the townfolks of Toleman, a Christmas wedding? So this time of year is a joy for me to have a Christmas story.
Love to all.

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