I’ve be worse than a kid skipping school

I’ve been gone for way too long, I know. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you know I was feeling my way into the scary (for me) blog world. And I thought I had been doing a half way decent job for just beginning. However, and I’m not here on a pity party, or trying to make excuses I just–hopefully in a short version, need to apologize why I’ve been non-existant and explain why I left blogging. I riped my Right thumb tendon, had surgery and wore a hard cast for 8 wks, then a softer brace. It was literally impossible to write any amount of words on a blog or anything else–I had to do it one finger, one handed-ARGH! I was forced to stop some social media. It boiled down to blogging–I know and I’m sorry for that, but I knew I had to continue writing and at least do  short posts on FB, etc.

As soon as I totally recuped from that right hand, I had a right hip replacement–I put it bluntly. Severe pain, no sleep, and by the time the surgery was scheduled I did very little walking. Again my blog suffered while all else finally came back to normal. I’m doing great now and finished All For Love, submitted to Prairie Rose Publications, and no that book has released as of Sept. 18, 2014. It’s been a long haul to get here but I’m so excited to be amoung the living and to be picking up where I left off. I plan to do several posts in the near future, most likely posting every two weeks to start. I have information on the history of denim that think you’ll enjoy. In doing my research for All For Love I started questioning just when denim was first made and where. How the heck did cowboys take over the market on wearing denim? I asked. The internet is so wonderful. I found a fountain of information on and I believe it will interest you as well. There are so many items, events, ideas from our past that we never take the time to really look up and appreciate. So I’m hoping you’ll join me over the next month or two as I go from denim, to lady’s apparell, to dimestic science. That’s right. I just read an article on how women in the 19th century actually had books to tell them how to live their everyday lives. Some of the stuff will knock your socks off. So I hope you will indeed join me at this site and offer your opinions.

I’m told a smart author should offer tidbits and interesting posts on their blogs to readers rather than always just simply discussing their books and in turn doing promo. And I totally agree. So after today I’ll do those articles I just mentioned. But for now I just had to share my wonderful cover of All For Love. I’m just so very pleased with it. It is available in ebook–Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, print @ Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and wherever books are sold. Don’t you just love it? I sure do. So please join me in 2 wks.–I’ve got it marked on my calendar and we’ll talk about denim–and what woman can resist a good looking guy in denims? Especially he’s a cowboy or western fellow. Oh my!

All For Love

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