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Summer’s Fun

Well, here I am again and I’d like to fill you in about what’s been happening throughout the summer. It’s been a hectic summer so far, but I’ve loved every minute of it. First I spent a lot of time tagging for the summer yard sale for the Humane Society and then was in charge of the two day sale. Whew! I’m glad it’s over because it was long days of tagging–we had trucks full come in on some days and let me tell you that’s a lot of tagging. But it was worthwhile for all  the dogs and cats. People were very generous and I thank eveyone who took part one way or another. I even had 2 friends from my hometown visit to help set up and that was awesome. They traveled an hour each way to lug all the stuff out onto the lawn. WOW! That’s friends.

After I got through all that, my son, his wife and 2 lovely granddaughters came for a 2 week stay with their best friends and 2 children. Let me tell you that a small house with 2 dogs and 10 people make for a very tight squeeze. But we made the best of it as we do every year and enjoyed every minute of it. Lots  of fun in the sun and water. The four youngsters even took a sailing course–that meant they had to get up at 7 for four days in a row and we picked them up at 4. They learned a lot and were very happy they did. 

Next I’d like to tell you about 2 Historical Roamnces I’ve read. Eloisa James’ When Beauty Tamed the Beast takes place in the 18th century. The hero, a doctor/earl is a take off on House MD’s Dr. Gregory House. I knew the minute I started reading it that she modeled him to House. What a hoot! You’ll love all the medical info back then and it’s a fun read. The other is Michelle Marcos’ Lessons in Loving a Laird.  There’s nothing like a tall, dark Scotsman and a woman who challenges him each and every moment. Another great and fun read.If you like Historicals, you’lll love these two. I gaurantee it. By the way, I won those books (and they happen to be 2 of my favorite authors) in a contest that Michelle was running. I also won a coffee mug, coffee, and chocolate almod kisses. Yeah! If you ever have the chance to enter a contest given by an author do so, it’s gret fun and who knows you could win like I did. I also had give away book when I was on line with the TRR Sizzling Summer Reads. It was so rewarding for me to talk on line and answer questions from readers and other authors. My time was to last 24 hrs. but instead it actually lasted almost 48. A woman–another author–won my book Only When the Loon Sings and is reading as I type this. Hope to hear how she liked it. As an author I can say, we enjoy doing these things and speaking with our readers and offering books, etc.   

I’d also like to add that throughout the summer I’ve had numerous book signings at wineries, restaurants and festivals locally. It’s been busy, but again well worth the effort and time. I’ve got to meet a lot of very nice people. 

And last but not least. Please join me at the Long and Short Reviews 5th Anniversary Blogfest. My day to be on line is Aug. 26 @ 11 a.m.. The banner for the fest is below in another blog–I did an oops and posted the photo/banner and it wiped me out of the blog I was writing to go with it. Sorry. I’m still learning here, so you have to sometimes bear with me. My permalink for the fest is  

The banner is linked to

Hope you can join other authors and me. Hoping your summer has also been filled with lots of fun, happiness and good health. LOL until next time.


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Long and Short Reviews 5th Anniv. Blogfest

Long and Short Reviews 5th Anniv. Blogfest

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August 20, 2012 · 6:24 pm

Long and Short Reviews 5th Anniversary Blogfest

Here’s a link to the Long and Short Reviews 5th Anniversary Blogfest. It should be a lot of fun. Won’t you join us in making this a great time? Just click on the link below. Hope to see you there. Enjoy!

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August 13, 2012 · 7:48 pm