Happy 4th of July!

Hi again, welcome and Happy 4th. Please take a minute to remember our forefathers who set the groundwork for the wonderful country we have today. And also say a thank you and a little prayer for all our troops who help protect us each and every minute. Thank you to them and you. This is just a reminder of TRR’s Sizzling Summer Reads throughout the month of July. Each  day you can visit the site, chat with an author, answer questions to win a book(e or print) and playgames to win various exciting prizes. So, here is the site as yesterday I told you  to just click the poster and it would link to TRR’s site. Well, it was working when I and my expert linked it, but it DON”T work now.  As I’ve said in the past, when I have a problem as such, then I must wait until I can call for help. So temporarily until I can get that help(I’ll not call someone on the 4th) here is the site:  http://www.theromancereviews.com/event.php  And Good Luck and hope you fun.  My chat will be all day July 6th and I’ll be in and out to answer questions and talk to you. I look forward to hearing from so please take a moment that day and let me know how you are doing.

Next, I have recently received another 4stars for Only when the Loon Sings(Historical Romance) from Long and Short Reviews by Camellia She did a lovely write up and if I ever figure out how to copy and paste that review and my others I’ll get them on here. So I sincerely thank her for her praise and am so pleased she liked my story so well. Hope you did too.


In tomorrow’s blog I’ll tell you about my booksignings I’ve done lately, the ones coming up and also how much fun I had doing 3 reviews for author Mimi Barbour. If you’ve never reaad her, you should. Her stories are so humorous, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud. I’ll tell you more tomorrow. Till then, enjoy your holiday!

Always, Bev 


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