March has been Busy!

Here I am again with lots of news.  March 3rd I went to my  hometown(only an hour away) and did a booksigning in the  Crystal City Cafe and Bakery that I’d frequented as a teenager.  Unfortunately, the newspaper article(greatly shortened)  appeared under events on the third section many people didn’t see it. But I did visit with several High school friends and sold a bunch of books.  Since Only When the Loon Sings has a heroine who burns everything she bakes then ends up owning a bakery it was only logical to do the signing at the bakery. The baker made Loon cookies–frosted in white with black lines and red eyes! I gave one out with each book purchased. It was a Hoot!

March 17th marked my next signing at the local bookstore where I now live.  Had a great time there too and more books were sold. This time I gave chocolate truffles with each book. Met a lot of very nice people.

Have another signing lined up in a town about 30 miles from my home at a bookstore.  And in the process of doing another in a bigger city 1 hour away in a Huge popular bakery again. Oh, this so much fun. But it keeps me hopping. Will be going to the local wineries to set up summer signings–I hope–as our season for the big influx of tourists doesn’t start until after June. Gosh, I wish you all could come and join me. We’d have a great time and maybe even sample some wines. Gosh, this sounds better by the minute.

As for writing and promo–oh my, I’m supposed to be doing both, aren’t I? Well I have been trying. Honest. I’m getting ready to submit the synopsis of my next book to the editor–the book is done–and another western Historical.  I’ll save another day to introduce you to Lorelei and Seth.  Oh my stars, I do get goosies just thinking about Dr. Seth Taylor. He is a strong, handsome diligent and skilled doctor. But with a hidden past he can’t forget, he forces himself to avoid any kind of relationship with any woman.  Of course, that’s before he has met the fiesty and determined schoolmarm.

Unfortunately, again I’m laboring over my computer half the time, keeping up with promo and most recently trying to learn Twitter. Yeah God. I’m the one who is not computer savvy–at all.  I’m on Twitter now, have connected with several wonderful, helpful people but still can’t seem to get my photo on my profile page. But I’m determined to get it on Soon! So please bear with me and for heaven’s sake please Wish me luck. I need all I can get.

So enough for now as I must go Twitter. But just want to remind everyone that Only When the Loon Sings is a humorous Historical Romance that I not only wrote to have you enjoy, but to help raise awareness of ALS(Lou Gehrig’s Disease) as well.  I’ll add another yummy recipe next time–Old Fashion Rice Pudding. And believe me when I say your mouth will salvate the minute you take the first bite. It’s sinfully decadent. Yes, with cream galore.

Till next time, have a happy day and keep smiling. LOL



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