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What’s new?

Well, it’s been a hectic past two weeks that’s what it has been. For sure. Since my Historical Romance released Jan. 27th by The Wild Rose Press in ebook and print, I’ve had lots of phone calls and facebook comments. But it’s been a blast too. I love it.

I purchased a number of print copies and have been doing small booksignings locally for friends and acquaintances. Got to love it. Even did signings at the fundraiser for the Humane Society’s fundraiser Chicken and Biscuit dinner two weeks ago–well of course I gave the society a percentage of the proceeds. After all, I love those dogs and cats and I am on the Board.

I’ve also been lining up bigger booksignings in the local area bookstores and am really looking forward to them. I’ll have to wait till spring to do some at the wineries–we have a lot of them where I live–as the crowds are much larger in the nicer weather.

In two days, I’m going to my hometown where I hope to schedule another upcoming signing. It will be at the bakery I frequented as a young girl. Bakery? you ask.. That’s right. You see, Morgan, my heroine, burned everything from bread to roasts, then honing her skills with much patience, ends up owning a bakery–a successful bakery, I want you to know. I’m hoping to convince the bakery owner that he’ll pull in a larger crowd with me signing my books. And, hey, some authors give a piece of chocolate or a trinket to each book buyer, so why can’t I give each one a cinnamon roll? Sounds good to me. What do you think? Will the owner agree to let me do this? I’ll have to let you know after I talk to him or her. Wish me luck.

But today I have to connect with the ALS Association. I wrote Only When the Loon Sings not only to write a witty love story, but also to bring awareness to ALS(Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Not sure if they’ll want to be tied in any way, shape or forn to a romance novel, but I thought they outght to know I’m here trying to strengthen their mission.

Enough for now as I also must get to writing–actually revise of my next book All For Love. Oh, how I love that fiesty, outspoken schoolmarm, Lorelei Webster. She’s a spitfire who jostles Seth Taylor’s mind. The good doctor doesn’t know what to make of her–but all that will have to wait till I return to my blog another time. But that’s my day today. Then I’ll walk Jamie(part black lab and my best buddy). I’ll return next week with one of Morgan’s receipes–an apple pudding(more like a gooey apple dumpling cake–but boy oh boy is it good. I’ll also let you know what the bakery owner had to say. So again, please wish me luck.

Wishing you all a great day full of love, happiness and health.

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